This page is for Gift Outlets & Garden Centres in the UK

If you are a Gift Buyer responsible for enhancing your product range and would like us to supply you with selections from our range or know more then please contact us by telephone at:

01202 871561

This applies currently only to the United Kingdom.

We can email or mail if you would prefer a printed and bound catalogue of our current range of designs.

Kyoto Designs have been supplying gift outlets for over 21 years (as at 2014). We continue to be the only company offering this simple and unique product range, a Japanese art form.

These designs provide a different and profitable revenue stream, strategically placed in store, they continue to be a desirable and high turnover product. We have found. that unusually for a gift item of this type, they are equally popular and desirable to both male and female customers.

All our products continue to be produced by hand and so although we produce a range of designs, no two are ever the same.

They are all designed and made in the United Kingdom under the strict control of a fully qualified Japanese Ikebana "sensei," or teacher, who trained at the Ohara School of Ikebana, a popular Ikebana flower-arrangement school in Japan.