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 Corporate Services and Superyacht Refits - Large Ikebana Displays

These exotic floral displays are suitable for any commercial application to rent or purchase. We supply displays for small offices up to full superyacht refits. The displays are particularly suitable to the larger end of the yacht industry in that they are everlasting and robust enough to take marine conditions.

There is a link below to our brochure  which shows what can be achieved however as it can be difficult to see the size, quality and true colour from small images, please contact us directly on UK +44 (0)1202 871561.

  The examples shown are specifically made for business use. Our customers include English and Japanese multinationals throughout London and the South of England.


Displays can be rented or purchased and are for desktop use or floor-standing, allowing a considerable size and price range.

Japanese shoji paper screens and matching bases can also be supplied to create a truly contemporary experience to enhance any reception, boardroom or commercial environment.

Download our brochure (pdf)